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Apr 21


Steven Universe - Steven the Sword Fighter

Apr 16

Today was my second day at work and I feel so happy! Tired and a little achy but happy. Also yesterday I had the deepest sleep I’ve had in ages. (And I didn’t even take any melatonin)

Mar 31

yumikoyuki said: oh btw now that you mentioned studies, have you applied to any schools now?

Yup Metropolian tekniikan alalle laboratorioanalyytikoks ja toiseks kemiantuotantoon (mut niis molemmis on yhteisii aineit). Kummiski haluisin päästä tohon ekaan koska siit on ehkä paremmat mahollisuudet yliopistoon sit tutkijaks.Vastasin nyt suomeks haha :’D Mut toi on ny toinen vaihtoehto sille ku yritin viime syksynä opiskella kemian ylppäreihin ja jos oisin siit saanu ällän ni oisin helpommin päässy yliopistoon sitä lukee, mut kokeilen nyt ammattikorkeen kautta.

yumikoyuki  replied to your post:Yaaay
Yay yay yay you are awesome!! What are you doing from now on? :>
I will be cleaning airplanes part time as an extra and I can possibly keep doing this job during my studies as well. :>


I’m not a neet anymore I got myself a job!

Mar 30

Plastic surgery





Mar 28

yumikoyuki answered: I’d like to see your take on Garrus from Mass Effect because of the details the turian race has. It might be interesting to you scribble him

I tried… seriously I’ve been drawing a few sketches about him and this is the final one I kinda drew from memory(might be some mistakes) and then added some stuff from reference. But anyway I gave up on his space gear because I just… too much detail I can’t anymore. xD But I really like this guy, kinda looks sympathetic in a big bear kind of way. (Ja oikeesti tost turianist mul tulee mieleen turriainen, niiku semmonen söpö karvanen pallo…)

The most interesting thing which happened today was that I accidentally dropped a potato chip on the floor and our cat ate it.

Mar 23

Mar 11


27 December 2013
Disclosure // Voices (Ft. Sasha Keable)

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